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10 May 2015 @ 11:20 pm
Dream a little dream of me...  
Last night I had an exquisite dream of this fantastic tent. A tent? Yes a tent.

In my dream there was this giant red billowing tent, the entry flaps of which were fastened with ties. The rest of the tent gently swaying in a dance with the breeze.

I never entered the tent which feels like it is of some level of significance. The tent wasn't mine to enter but just to view. From the entrance I could see the the far back wall had been cut out in a beautiful landscape silhouette and a part of that landscape a cutout of a lone floating hot air balloon. I could see the moutains and a vineyard through the cutout their beauty matched only by the feeling of this tent.

To the left of the tent was a tree, a great oak standing tall and fierce. A symbol of strength and life and equally as beautiful as the tent.

It is in this moment that I notice I am standing with my ex girlfriend and I am walking past the tent speaking with her. I am walking her to her marriage and I am happy for her. Only the tiniest pang of sadness enters me and the rest is a swelling happiness amd hope for a wonderful future.

This is the second dream i have had of getting her to her wedding in the last few months. Both were in an amicable tone with a slight pang of sadness at the loss of our friendship. In the first dream the colour green was strongly featured and in the second red was strongly featured.

Meaning of green in a dream: health, growth, healing, caring and mental stimulation.
Meaning of red in a dream: activation, physicality,passion and intensity. It is a dormant fire of something waiting to be awakened.
Meaning of the tent: to go ahead with a decision in life and leave behind the shaky foundation of my current life. Throw away my shackles and get out in the world.
Meaning of the hot air balloon: rising above and being the bigger, better person. Looking at life from a positive confident way.

Ok universe/brain. I accept your challenge. That tent is to incredible and significant to ignor. I choose to find my happiness.